Procreate 4 Video Manual on Vimeo

If you are just starting out with Procreate 4, or are already working with it, the Procreate 4 Video Manual on Vimeo On Demand will help you understand all the aspects of painting in Procreate.

Includes 2 Hours of Video Tutorials!

Learn how to make your custom canvas. How to use the brushes and even make your own custom brushes. How to make precise selections and transform your images and rotate them and even drag them into perspective. Learn how to adjust the colors, curves and overall look with Blur effects. How to use the Perspective Guide and draw in one, two and three point perspectives!
Procreate 4 Video Manual samples

Procreate 4 Video Manual is the ultimate guide to learning everything about the iPad drawing app Procreate 4. All the videos are 2 hours long. You can stream them, or download all the videos.

I have been working in Procreate from the beginning and work with it every day. I have made over a hundred videos about Procreate on my YouTube channel Stayf Draws.

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