Procreate 3 Apple Pencil Review

Procreate 3 Apple Pencil Review
Here my review about the drawing app Procreate 3.0 drawing and painting with Apple Pencil on iPad Pro.

I have been drawing in Procreate from the beginning. Now with version 3.0 Procreate has teamed up with Apple. They were featured in the keynote of Apple about the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Drawing with the Apple Pencil in Procreate is the best experience I have had drawing digital. It feels better than drawing on my Wacom Cintiq 24 Inch HD! The pressure sensitivity works great witwh the brushes in Procreate. Especially the pencil brushes have the pressure sensitivity a tilt function build in. I just played around with the pencil brushes, the watercolor brush and the oil paint brush. The integration is great. You can make very subtle painting with it. You can do Watercolors, ik comics, do oil paintings or anything or style you think of. The interface is really intuitive and has some new features in this update: Display Cursor, Instant Replay and the Perspective Guide. Watch my video to see everything in action.

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