Painting Pastels in Procreate

Painting Pastels in Procreate

I have made video tutorial on my Stayf Draws YouTube channel and I have posted the video down below. It is a video in real time and is one and a half hours long. I explain in detail how I made this pastel painting in Procreate. I used the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro.

Winter landscape fallen tree
Here is a picture I took of tree that was fallen over. I used this picture for reference to make the painting.

Painting is like sculpting. You first need to layout the basic shapes in order to create a layered and rich painting.I used the biggest brush in Procreate in the Charcoal brush set. I painted this with a monochrome color scheme, using one color; blue. I used all the values of that color to create a rich scenery. In winter there is not much light so the colours become muted.

The beauty of working digital is that you work with layers. The trees I painted on a separate layer. Because the light comes from the back with the low sun. The trees become silhouettes. On the top layer I painted the tree on the left. This was just defining the shapes and lay them down roughly.


After I painted all the basic shapes it was time to define them painting with a little more detail. Because this is a pastel I did not want to draw too much detail. It is always good practice to let the structure of your brush do the work for you. In this way your art will be more vibrant. Watch the one and half hour video of this painting. I explain in detail all the choices that I made and the tools I used in Procreate.

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