Work in Progress: The Last World Championships

Work in Progress: The Last World Championships

At the moment we are working on ‘The Last World Championships’, part 3 in the series ‘The Incredible Tales of Prof. Dr Anton Mole’. The story was originally published in 1994. The story took place in the USA at the World Championships of soccer. For ‘The Last World Championships’ I decided to create a new story. This year the World Championships of soccer takes place in Brazil. I came up with the new storyline,
I made a rough storyline of what would happen on every page. With this synopsis Dutch author Paul Rooyackers wrote the new text.

Anton Mole and Kwab the Hippo wash ashore at Botafogo Beach. Anton Mole is exhausted and lies on the beach and is hit by a ball. He is suddenly awake and lifts up the ball. He feels that the ball is trembling. At the beach the Dutch soccer team is training and the coach, a tapir, shouts at Anton to kick the ball back. Anton wants to know more about the ball and wants to examine it. The ball is taken away by security and transported to a highly guarded facility.

Revisit style
To get the same look-and-feel for part 3 in the series I had to revisit my old drawing style  from twenty years ago!
I started out working on paper again. Using pencils and an ink brush.

Here are some sketches and inks  from ‘The Last World Championships’:
LWK01-wip-thmbLWK01-wip-inkingLWK01-wip-ink LWK06-wip-sketchLWK06-wip-ink

The Last World Championships  will be available on iBooks in June 2014