Stayf Draws Inktober 2016

Stayf Draws Inktober 2016. I am participating in Inktober this year. Drawing an ink drawing every day in the month of October 2016.

Inktober is an initiative by the Comics Artist Jake Parker. He started Inktober for himself in 2009 and a lot of artist around the world joined him. This is my first year of doing Inktober. I am going to use it to get better at inking and try new ways to ink. I am following the Official Inktober 2016 Promp List. These are topics you can follow to do your ink drawing. I am currently working on a Picture Book called Cubby the Lion and I am still in the developing stage of the book. I am going to use Inktober to explore the world of Tanzania, near Lake Manyara. And of coarse the character of Cubby the Lion.
I will post all my drawings on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and I post videos of the making of on my YouTube Channel Stayf Draws. I have also created a post on my website, where I will post all the drawings in one place. So in the end of October 2016 it will contain 31 inked drawings. If you like them, let me know I love to hear from you!

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