Stayf Draws 10,000 Subscribers!

Stayf Draws 10,000 Subscribers! The Stayf Draws You Tube channel has just reached 10,000 subscribers! You can win an original piece of artwork!

I want to thank everyone for subscribing to my YouTube channel Stayf Draws. It is a channel about how to draw cartoons, illustrations, do character design, how to animate. The videos about drawing and painting on the iPad with the Apple Pencil have drawn the most attention. I am a Dutch illustrator and animator and have been doing that professionally for over twenty years. On my channel I share all that I have learned and give some tips & tricks about drawing, painting and animating. I have started the channel two years ago. To celebrate the 10K subs on my channel I will give away an original piece of artwork, or print or book you can find on my Etsy Shop. You need to be subscribed to my channel and signup to my Stayf Draws Newsletter.

You can Signup here: Stayf Draws Newsletter

And you need to answer the following question in the comments of my video.
Question: On what date did I publish my first video on Stayf Draws?. The contest will close on April 26, 2017.

I will draw the winner next week. Subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already.
Drawing is fun and practice makes perfect!
Stefan de Groot