Procreate 4 Video Manual Update and 25% Discount

Procreate 4 Video Manual UPDATE
Procreate 4 Video Manual Update 1

I have added a new chapter to the Procreate 4 Video Manual. Chapter 9: Shortcuts and Apple Pencil. Learn how to use shortcuts like Drag&Drop images, brushes and swatches into Procreate. Customise the QuickMenu by adding easy shortcuts or Brushes you use often.

‘Procreate 4 Video Manual’ is the ultimate guide to learn everything about drawing and painting in Procreate 4. Each chapter begins with a short video explaining all the features and where you can find them. After that, all of the subjects will be explained in  text with interactive images and samples. There is also an index and search option, so you can always look up certain items or details of the Procreate app.  Press on the button down below.

Vimeo on Demand
The ‘Procreate 4 Video Manual’ is also available on Vimeo On Demand. The video manual has the same videos as the eBook and also includes the PDF of the eBook. Press on the button down below to buy it.

Christmas Discount of 25%
Procreate 4 Video Manual Christmas Discount 2017

Because Christmas is almost here, the ‘Procreate 4 Video Manual’ is now available for 25 % Off. So if you haven’t bought it yet, now is the time.
The Christmas Discount is available until December 31, 2017

Press here to buy Procreate 4 Video Manual on iBooks

Vimeo On Demand
Press here to buy the Procreate 4 Video Manual on Vimeo On Demand