Museum Exhibition iPad Paintings Stefan de Groot

Museum Exhibition iPad Paintings Stefan de Groot

‘We gaan naar Zandvoort!’ ( We are going to Zandvoort Beach) is a trip from Amsterdam to Zandvoort with the tram and the train. Experience the journey of a hundred years ago and now. Never before has this trip and a visit to the beach been mixed with contemporary digital art. In fact, this is a first where the visitor is taken in a journey through time by multimedia artist Stefan de Groot.

iPad Paintings

Museum Exhibition iPad Paintings Stefan de Groot

Stefan de Groot is an artist that produces a lot of tutorials about drawing and painting on the iPad on his YouTube Channel Stayf Draws.  He worked a year on making this exhibition and painted all of the images in Procreate on his iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. He did a lot of research about Amsterdam, Haarlem and Zandvoort of hundred years ago. He painted images of Amsterdam and Haarlem from 1904 and 1926 with great historical details.

The Journey

Museum Exhibition iPad Paintings Stefan de Groot

The tram and the train started the trip from Amsterdam to Zandvoort Beach from 1904 and onwards. “We gaan naar Zandvoort!” is a mirrored exhibition, it shows the journey by tram in the past and the journey by train in the present. This creates a dynamic time jump in which the past comes to life in colorful images. Stefan de Groot went into the past and painted the past and present with the latest digital techniques. Besides the paintings, the journey can also be followed in a video documentary. It shows the journey by tram and train and at each stop there is an overview of the history.

Digital Panorama

Once arrived in Zandvoort Beach, the boulevard and beach of 1926 is brought to life in a life size digital panorama. The painting is painted in an impressionistic style, while the story is told about the beach life of the twenties. It shows  Zandvoort in the heyday and the disastrous outcome in the Second World War. As the story progresses, the panorama is completed. For the life painting Stefan de Groot developed a new technique that has not been shown before in a museum.

Zandvoorts Museum

Swaluëstraat 1
2042 KA Zandvoort
The Netherlands

16 November 2018 until 10th March 2019
Opening hours: Wednsday-Sunday 13:00-17:00 hours


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