Horus Hippo of the Silver Screen

Horus Hippo of the Silver Screen is a comic written and drawn by Stefan de Groot. It is the first chapter of the graphic novel ‘World of Whatif?’. The original story came out in 1996 as ‘Kwab van het witte doek’. The new version has been rewritten and redrawn. Horus Hippo or Kwab is a forgotten cartoon character from the 1920s. In this comic, the cartoon Hippo is brought back to life.


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Kwab or Horus Hippo is a fictional cartoon star from the 1920s. The animation studio Teekenfilmfabriek Hollandia of Marinus Hollanders produced thirteen cartoons between 1926 and 1928 starring Horus Hippo. Then the curtain fell for the Dutch animation studio and Horus Hippo was forgotten. Until the grandson of Marinus Hollanders, Stefan de Groot, brought Horus Hippo back to life. De Groot draws Horus Hippo for his new comic based on a model sheet from 1928. He brings the hippo back to life by stabbing it in the buttock with a dip pen. A fight ensues between the cartoonist and Horus Hippo and De Groot is drawn into his comic. He turns into a cartoon character himself and tries to escape from his comic

Horus Hippo History 

Horus Hippo of the Silver Screen Horus Hippo History

The ebook also has a separate chapter about the fictional history of Horus Hippo and Teekenfilmfabriek Hollandia. The birth of the first Dutch cartoon star is explained in detail with examples of sketches, posters, and interviews with Marinus Hollanders. The ebook also has some Horus Hippo animations. Did Horus Hippo really exist? If you want to know more about Horus Hippo read his story here.

World of Whatif?

‘Horus Hippo of the Silver Screen’ is the first chapter of the graphic novel ‘World of Whatif?‘ The second part ‘Horus Hippo and the Retroflash’ will appear at the end of 2023.

Horus Hippo of the Silver Screen
World of Whatif?
Pages: 58
Price: Free
Author: Stefan de Groot
Publisher: Creative Cave Publishers

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