Creative Cave Publishers at Hodshon House

Creative Cave Publishers at Hodshon House

Creative Cave Publishers has moved to a new location, the Hodshon House on Spaarne 17, Haarlem.

Creative Cave Publishers has moved to The Hodshon House. The Hodshon House was built in 1794 and stands across  the Waag and Teylers Museum on the river de Spaarne. The house, or city palace, belonged to a woman, Cornelia Catharina Hodshon, or Keetje Hodshon. She was the wealthiest woman in Haarlem. In the late 18th century. The city palace is built strategically on the river de Spaarne. It is also called the golden corner of Haarlem.

In 1841 the building was bought by the Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen, a society of science. They added an aula in 1903 in an Art Nouveau style.The aula and the rest of the building was restored by the Vereniging Hendrick de Keyser and in 2010, Vereniging Hendrick de Keyser now owns the building.
Hodshon House. Keetje Hodshon
On the first flour all the rooms are renovated. Like the blue room in the so called Wedgwood style. In the other wing there is the library. There only exists one painting of Keetje Hodshon, the original owner. It is a pastel painting and hangs in the library.

It is a very inspiring building to work in and I will continue publishing new picture books books and ebooks from this location.

Creative Cave Publishers

Spaarne 17
2011 CD Haarlem
The Netherlands