20th Anniversary Creative Cave Publishers

20th Anniversary Creative Cave Publishers
Time goes fast! Twenty years ago Creative Cave Publishers published its first book series called Kwab en de Klassiekers.
Kwab en de Klassiekers
It was a comic book series with adaptation of classic stories of Charles Dickens, R.E. Raspe and Jonathan Swift. Kwabenezer Scrooge, Kwab’s Reizen and Baron Von Kwabschauzen. Some of the books are still available. Click on the title and go to my Etsy store. The books are in Dutch!
A lot has changed in the meantime. Creative Cave Publishers now mainly publishes interactive eBooks for iBooks and video tutorials on Vimeo On Demand. The YouTube channel Stayf Draws is also a part of Creative Cave Publishers. I present free tutorials on painting in Procreate on the iPad and animation tutorials in programs such as Animate CC and Moho.

Coming up this year

This year Creative Cave Publishers will publish a new Picture Book series called Cubby the Lion. They will be interactive audio books for iBooks. I will also publish a series of video tutorial books with Stayf Draws. If you want to be updated signup for my Newsletter.