LookUp Haarlem Painting Hofje van Oorschot

LookUp Haarlem Painting Hofje van Oorschot

Stefan de Groot schildert op de iPad

I am painting scenes from my hometown Haarlem in the Netherlands. I am painting everything on my iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil in the painting app Procreate.  All the paintings are painted in a three-point perspective, because I look up to buildings. This perspective is extra challenging to paint, but as an artist you need to challenge yourself.


It als starts out with sketches I make when I walk through the city of Haarlem. When you sketch buildings and scenes you are really observing all the aspects, like structures and values in the object you are drawing. I also take a lot of reference pictures from different angles, to better understand the structure of the object.


Painting in Procreate

When I start painting in Procreate on my iPad Pro I start out with  big brush strokes. I first layout the basic shapes and values and don’t pay attention to detail. After the basics are laid out I start sculpting the painting by building it up with values and slowly working more into detail.

LookUp Haarlem Paintings on RedBubble
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Look Up - Haarlem schilderij Stefan de Groot