Procreate Mary Blair Custom Brushes

Procreate Mary Blair  Custom Brushes

I have made a Procreate brush set to paint in the style of the legendary Disney Artist Mary Blair. The BrushSet has 19 custom made brushes, including dry brushes, gouache brushes and pastel brushes to help you create art in a fifties kind of style.

Mary Blair Brushset Procreate

Mary Blair

Mary Blair was an artist that worked at the Walt Disney Studios as a concept artist. She started out as a watercolorist and made wonderful watercolours. Together with her husband, Lee Blair, they joined the California School of Watercolor. In 1940 she started to work for the Walt Disney Company. She made  color designs and inspirational drawings for Dumbo, an early version of Lady and the Tramp and a sequence for Fantasia called Baby Ballet that was not used in Fantasia. Blair also worked on Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. She is most known for designing ‘It’s a Small World’ for Disneyland.

Stayf-Mary Blair BrushSet

In order to make the Stayf-MaryBlair Brush Set I studied the concept art of Mary Blair thoroughly. What techniques did she use and what kind of paint? Most of her work she did with opaque watercolours or gouache. Her style was very basic and was all about creating color schemes for scenes in the Disney movies. She worked with painted structures using a dry brush technique. Ocassionaly she used pastels for highlights and effects. Besides her unique use of colors, she also was a master in setting a scene with very simple and graphic images. Here is a video of me recreating a Mary Blair artwork she made for the Walt Disney feature animation Cinderella. I take you step-by-step through the process on how to paint liek Mary Blair, but also how to use all the brushes in the brush set.

The Mary Blair Brush set is available on Gumroad for $ 15.00.

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