Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud
I have been working in Adobe apps and software from the beginning of my career. The most apps I use in the beginning were Photoshop and Flash (Now Animate CC). Later I used the entire Adobe Studio.

Apps I use for print media
I paint and draw in Photoshop for my illustration work. Or make setups for my animation.Photoshop is one of the most versatile programs for editing pictures and painting. There is a big variety of tools you can use.

Adobe Indesign Creative Cloud
Indesign is an app for Desktop Publishing (DTP). You can make brochures, posters, books and ebooks with it.

Apps I use for animation and videos

Adobe Animate Creative Cloud
Animate used to be called Flash. It is the app I learned to animate in. Flash was later used for developers to make apps and software for iOs and Android. But Adobe has changed the app back for animation. You can make your animations and export them to HTML 5, GIF, or as a PNG sequence or HD video.


Premiere is a timeline based editor for video. You can bring together all your video scenes and audio, like voice-overs, sound effects and music. I edit all my YouTube videos in Premiere and all the animations I make for my clients.


For sound recording and editing I use Audition. You can clean up your audio and use a lot effects to your sound. You can also work in many layers of sound and make a great soundscape for your videos or animations.

Apps for iPad or Android
Adobe mobile apps for Android an iOS

When you have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership you can also use all the apps on your iPad or Android device. There are some great apps to draw and paint in like Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch. You can easily upload your files into your Creative Cloud and open them in Photoshop or illustrator. With Adobe Capture you can make pictures of anything nd turn them into custom brushes for your apps and Illustrator and Photoshop.

Now Adobe offers all of there software for a monthly or Yearly fee. It is a subscription model so you will always be up to date with the latest versions.

Students and teachers get a discount! So check out if you are elligble for that plan.

Single app
You can also get a plan for a single app. If you are only want to use a single app just select the app you want to use. If you want to use more than 5 apps it is better to go for the All Apps Plan.

Click on the image down below and go to Adobe Creative Cloud to find a suitable plan: