Everything about the lion

Hello Zooheimers! Welcome to my library. Let me introduce myself:
Professor Doctor Anton Mole, scientific researcher in biology, collector and explorer of almost extinct animals. You can’t explore animals from the comfort of your sofa. I have traveled the world to find them.As an explorer I have studied and drawn all the animals I met on my incredible journeys. By drawing all these animals I have learned to look and remember all the details.
Today I want to share my meeting with a very special animal with you.On one of my incredible journeys to Africa, I came across this majestic animal. Also known as: The King of the Jungle. Of course I am talking about the lion.There are two kinds of lions. The African lion. (Panthera leo leo) And the Persian lion also known as the Asian Lion (Panthera leo persica)


The lion is also called: The King of the Jungle
The lion is one of the four big cats and belongs to the family of felidae. The lion has a broad head, a small snout, small eyes and ears and a rough tongue. He has a short-haired coat and a dark brush on his tail. His legs are very large with sharp nails. The male lion has wild manes and are larger than the female lions.The lion is a predator with a very muscular body. The tail is very important to the lion. It keeps his balance.By looking at his tail you can see in what mood the lion is in. When the tail swings slowly, he is happy. When the tail swings fast, he is agitated or angry. His paws have soft pads, which helps the Lion to sneak silently. They are also shock absorbers. Lions talk with signals such as, scratch marks, sounds and certain odors.

Young lions are called cubs. They drink from their mother, because lions are mammals.
Lions live in groups called pride. The lion protects the female lions and cubs.

Lionesses do most of the hunting, while the lion watches over the cubs. They hunt for zebras, wildebeest, buffalo and warthogs.

Most lions now live in eastern and southern Africa. It is not sure how many lions still live in the wild. Between 16,500 and 47,000. In India live 320 lions. The lion is an endangered species. If we don’t protect them they will all die. That’s why they are kept in protected areas.

ZOO! I hope you have learned something about the lion. Although they are very beautiful they are also dangerous animals.