The Incredible Tales of Prof. Dr Anton Mole is a series of three interactive ebooks only available on iBooks.
It tells the story of Professor Doctor Anton Mole, a scientific explorer in biology, who is always in search for almost extinct animals. This picture book series is written by Dutch author Paul Rooyackers and drawn by Stefan de Groot.
The series consists of three parts. All of the books are interactive eBooks with audio and narrated by Stefan de Groot

Part 1: An Incredible Tale
Professor Doctor Anton Mole discovers a special animal in Africa. Gradually he finds out that it is a hippopotamus. He takes the animal to his villa and tries to educate him, with all its consequences.
This is an audio e-book with narration, sound effects, music and interactive pop-ups.
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Part 2: The First Hippo
Anton Mole and Kwab the Hippo are sitting in a bathtub in the Arctic Ocean. They are in the middle of a storm. Anton loses his consciousness. The journey takes them to a special library and they meet the first hippo, until they are swallowed by a big monster.
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Part 3: The Final World Championships
Anton Mole and Kwab the Hippo wash ashore at Botafogo Beach. Anton Mole is exhausted and lies on the beach and is hit by a ball. He is suddenly awake and lifts up the ball. He feels that the ball is trembling. Anton wants to know more about the ball and wants to examine it. The ball is taken away by security and transported to a highly guarded facility. The professor investigates and discovers an incredible secret. With cameo appearances by Louis van Gaal (as a drooling tapir) and Sepp Blatter as a corrupt proboscis monkey.
The story is narrated by Stefan de Groot with music by Spanish composer Rafael Fernandez Viedma.
It is an audio e-book with narration, sound effects, music and interactive pop-ups.

Requirements: To view these eBooks, you must have an iPad with iBooks 3 or later and iOS 5.1 or later, or a Mac with iBooks 1.0 or later and OS X 10.9 or later.