Watercolor painting on the iPad

Watercolor painting on the iPad
In this painting tutorial of Stayf DRAWS Stayf explains how to paint owls in gouache and watercolors on the iPad using the Procreate app. It is always hard to achieve a real media look painting digital. Procreate is the best drawing app around and it is available for iPad and iPhone. The brushes in the app really come close to the real thing.
I paint three owls. The first one I painted in a gouache style by using opaque colors. I imported an old piece of paper in the Procreate app and set it to the bottom layer. On top of that layers I sketched the owl and painted it.

The second and third owls I painted by using the Watercolor Brush in Procreate and treated the painting like I was painting with real watercolors. I gradually build up the colors and set the layer to multiply. In that way your painting will be integrated into the paper. All these owls I painted for the YouTube channel LikeZOO!
Only the third owl was used. In procreate you can paint in different styles.

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