Stayf Draws Tutorials 50% Christmas Discount!

Stayf Draws Tutorials 50% Christmas Discount!
Welcome to Stayf Draws, I’m Stefan de Groot, an illustrator and animator and Seasons Greetings.
Because it is this time of year, I give a 50% Christmas Discount on these tutorials and eBooks.

Little Angel

Little Angel tells the story about an angel that looks for its mother. Little Angel flies down to earth and finds its mother. Stefan de Groot made this animation based on his original illustrations for the book. The story is narrated by the British voice-over J.C. Chapman. The Dutch composer Yves Vroemen composed the song ‘Lullaby for Little Angel’ especially for this movie. Little Angel is available on iBooks and on Vimeo On Demand for a 50% Christmas Discount.

Procreate Primer

If you are just starting out drawing in the best drawing app Procreate 4, then Procreate Primer is a great way to start.In this video tutorial, you are going to learn the basics of Procreate 4. How to create a new Canvas,  how to pair you Apple Pencil or other Styluses to your iPad. How to use the new pencil brushes and start sketching, smudging and erasing. How to choose your colors and how to use the layers to create your artwork. Learn how to make selections of your artwork and transform it. And finally how to share your artwork. In this eBook, you are going to sketch and paint an image of a tree, using the new Wet Mix Brushes. Now available for a 50% Discount on iBooks and Vimeo On Demand.
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How to Paint Clouds in Procreate

Learn how to paint Clouds in Procreate is a video tutorial how to paint clouds in Procreate. The tutorial has three videos: Starting out with the basics of drawing a cloud. The second video is about, how to paint a Cumulus Cloud in Procreate. The third video is about how to paint clouds in Perspective. This tutorial is now available with a 50% Discount for $ 8.75

Animate 2D with Live Action

Learn how to animate a 2D character in Moho, formerly known as Anime Studio. It is a tutorial about how to setup a character in Moho and how to animate the character with live footage. This tutorial is now available for only $ 2.50 or you can rent it for 24 hours for only $ 0.99

Procreate: Painting in the Style of Mary Blair

Learn how to draw in the style of Disney legend Mary Blair. In this extensive tutorial I will show you how you can use color schemes to limit your palette. How to simplify your designs and paint in a fifties style using the gouache brushes. You can also download the pencil sketch I made of this illustration into Procreate and take it from there. The tutorial is 77 minutes long and is now available for a 50% Christmas discount and costs only $ 3.50