Stayf Draws on Patreon for Extended Tutorials

Stayf Draws on Patreon for Extended Tutorials


Stayf Draws is now on Patreon. Here you will find extended video tutorials about painting on the iPad and making 2D animations.

Stayf Draws Patreon

I have been making video tutorials on my YouTube channel Stayf Draws for more than 3 years now and I have produced more than 300 videos, about the basics of drawing, making animations from original illustrations in Moho and especially how to draw and paint on the iPad. I really love sharing the things I learn and have learned.

My job is to make comics, illustrations and animations for clients and I have been doing that for over twenty years. I really love my job to create images and animations for a living. But I also like to making the video tutorials on this channel and share everything I have learned over time.

After 3 years of producing these video tutorials I realised that I have grown to love it and will continue making drawing and painting tutorials on this channel. But my time is limited. I can not support myself by making these tutorials. So I created a Patreon Page called Stayf Draws.

So what is Patreon?
Patreon is a site where you can follow artists and support what they are making.

So what will you get when you want to support me?

Sneak Peek
You can support me for $1 per month. So when I post a new drawing or painting tutorial you will get a full description of the tutorial with high res images and a PDF explaining the whole process.

Bigger Peek
You can support me for $3 per month. You will get the PDF with my whole painting process with High Res images. You can also download the PSD file with all the layers or the work file so you can see how I made the piece of art in the drawing app I was working in.

Total View

For $5 per month you will get all of the above and you can exclusively watch an in depth video tutorial about how I created the image or animation. These video tutorials are done in real time, so you will see the whole process.

If you like my videos on my YouTube channel Stayf Draws and want to support me?
Go to my Patreon Page and make a pledge! This will really help me to continue making valuable videos.
Drawing is fun and practice makes perfect.

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