Smart Bones in Anime Studio

Smart Bones in Anime Studio

In this video tutorial of Stayf Draws I explain how you can animate a character using Smart Bones and masks in Anime Studio.

In Anime Studio you can animate your character with using Smart Bones. Smart Bones are unique to Anime Studio. You can animate your character with using bones, or animate your vector points. Smart Bones are a combination of both.
Smart Bone for left right position
You first have to make a bone layer and drag all your layers to that bone layer. Select your bone and make the bone strength zero. When you select the bone, give it a name. I call this bone horizontal, because I will first animate the character horizontally. Open the action panel and make a smartbone and call it horizontal. Now you are in the timeline of your Smart Bone. You can see that by looking at your timeline; it is blue. Drag the bone to the left. Now you can animate the left position of the bumblebee. When you have finished with all your layers dubble click on Mainline in the action panel. Now you are in the main timeline again. Now you can check your SmartBone. Do the same for the right side of the Bumblebee. Add a new action and call it horizonal 2. In this way your actions will be shown in the list and you have a great overview of your actions.
Smart Bone for up and down position
For the up and down animation of the character I create a new bone in Anime Studio. I drag the bone in a horizontal position and set the bone strength to zero. I name the bone updown. The Bone Constraints I set to 90 degrees, so I have a nice flow for the up and down position of the character. In the action panel I make a new action callen UpDown. You are now in the timeline of your Smart Bone. I first make the up position of the character. I drag all the layers in place. After that I create a new action called UpDown 2. Now I am going to make the bumblebee flying down. For the wings I have created a round Mask to hide the wings when the fall behind the body of the character. When I am finished with the down position I now have a bumblebee shown from behind I can animate by just using the two smart bones. I now can animate the character like it is a 3D character.

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