How to sketch a bear with a circle

In this drawing tutorial we are going to draw a lot of circles. The circle is one of the basic shapes you need to master before you draw anything else. With the circle you can draw lot of fun things, like characters and faces. Practice makes perfect! You will draw everything with pencil and paper. It is the most easy way to start drawing. Try to hold your pencil as if you hold a pen. Not too close to the point and not too far away from the point. Try to hold your pencil softly. Don’t pinch. If you hold your pencil too tight you will loose your control when you draw. It will result in hard lines. When you hold your pencil loosely you have more control over your line-work. If you start sketching a circle first make the round motion with your hand without drawing the circle. Then put your pencil down gently on the paper, so you will sketch the circle lightly. Practice drawing small circles and then draw them bigger. The bigger you draw your circles the broader the motion of your hand. When I started drawing I practiced sketching circles every day. For sketching these circles I used a very cheap sketchpad you can buy in your local supermarket or supply store. The more you sketch circles the faster and better you get to understand and draw them.
Draw a face of a little bear

Using the circle as basic form you are now going to sketch the face of a little bear. Divide the circle in 4 parts by sketching in one guideline from top to bottom and one guideline from left to right. The guidelines are there to sketch in the eyes and snout of the bear in the right place. This comes in handy when you want to draw the face in multiple views. You then always have a good reference for where all the elements should be. When you draw you need to understand the basic shapes. You must see the circle as a globe or a ball a round shape. Watch the video to get more insight in how to draw the circle, globe and the face of the bear in two different views.

You must see the circle as a globe or a ball a round shape.

Here are three samples of animal faces; an elephant, a cat and a duck. Try to sketch them with the circle as basic shape.