How to draw a Lion Cub

How to draw a Lion Cub

In this drawing tutorial of Stayf Draws Dutch illustrator and animator Stayf explains how to draw a cute lion cub with rasta hair.
When you start out drawing a cartoon character it is best to follow the 5 steps:
Step 1: Action Line
Step 2: Big Shapes
Step 3: Guidlines
Step 4: Details
Step 5: Rendering

When you draw a baby character the sizes of the character are out of proportion. The head is as big as the body and the hands and feet are all so much bigger. When you draw it like this your character will have more appeal. First draw the basic shapes of the character, like the basic shape of the head and body. After that you can fill in the details. In this way you will get the proportions right and your character will come to life.

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