How to draw a cylinder

How to draw a cylinder? In this tutorial I am going to explain how to draw a cylinder by using a toilet role. A toilet role is a cylinder. It is easy to use the toilet role as an example. Cylinders you can find in many objects like a glass, wheels of a car or even a tree trunk!

Step 1: Draw a square and draw an x on the square
Step 2: Draw a cross into the square and connect the red dots to draw your ellipse.
Step 3: Draw a rectangle cube in perspective
Step 4: Draw your second ellipse in the back of the rectangle cube.
Step 5: Connect the two ellipses on the top and bottom
Step 6: Draw the outlines f your cylinder with a black coloring pencil or Sharpie.
You have just drawn your first cylinder! Try and draw the cylinder in different perspectives by holding you toilet role in different positions.
To draw a cylinder in perspective you need a horizon and vanishing point. Notice that the ellipses that are further away from the horizon will be bigger. The ellipse that is on the horizon is flat, because you are looking at it from the front.

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