How to Draw a Cartoon Giraffe

How to draw ink and color a cartoon giraffe. By drawing cartoon animals you always need to look what the real animal looks like. The most striking features of a giraffe are his long neck and legs. So I am going to incorporate that in the drawing. Giraffe’s also have spots on their body. I am first going to make a basic sketch of the giraffe, beginning with his head.

The head is a circle I add two guidelines to the circle so it looks like a globe. In this way you can draw the basic shapes of his eyes. In the middle of the circle I draw a ghost eye. In this way I can draw the eyes one eye apart. This is a simple trick to make sure the eyes are drawn in the right spot. The giraffe has a long neck which looks a bit like a rubber hose. I draw the neck in a curve so the giraffe is looking a bit around the corner. Then I draw the body of the cartoon giraffe. The shape of his body looks like a bean. Then I sketch in the long legs. The start out wide and get smaller toward the knee. The knee is a circle. Then I draw the lower part of the leg and finally the foot. These are actually the nails of the giraffe. I draw the other front leg a bit with knocked knees to make it more fun. I draw in perspective lines on the ground to place the right leg in perspective. This makes your drawing more dynamic and it looks like the giraffe is really standing on the ground. I am going to do the same for the back legs of the giraffe. The tail I draw like a curve and the end of his tail looks like a brush. To draw the hairs on the giraffe’s neck I first draw a guideline which is parallel to his neck. Then I can draw the little hairs on his neck. Now I have finished the rough sketch of the giraffe I am going to add the details. Like her eyes, nostrils and mouth.


After I have finished the sketch I will ink the drawing by using a Sharpie. After that I will erase all the pencils with an eraser. Wait a minute before you start erasing, otherwise the ink will smear your paper. When You erase hold your paper with your other hand, otherwise your paper will wrinkle. Now I am going to color the Giraffe with coloring pencils. First I am going to color the body with a yellow pencil. Don’t press to hard on your pencil. In this way you can later mix your colors better. Now I am going to shade the drawing with a darker yellow coloring pencil. The light comes from the top right corner. So everything to the left you color with the darker yellow. I use a brown coloring pencil to color in the spots and a darker brown to accentuate the spots. Finally I am coloring in the grass with a light green pencil. Hold your pencil horizontal so you can color in bigger areas. The I hold my pencil upwards and draw in the grass with small lines. With a darker green I color in the shade on the ground. Finally I use a white pen to highlight the giraffe’s eyes. If you just want to color the giraffe I have made a Coloring Page of the Giraffe you can download and print out.