How to draw a square and cube

The square is one of the basic shapes you can draw. You can draw a lot of  fun things with a square or cube. A cube is a square in 3D space. I have made a cube on paper you can download and print. If you cut out the print you can make your own cube. The only things you need is a pair of scissors and some paper glue. Watch the video how to make the cube. It is a perfect way to understand how to draw a cube, because you now have it in your hands. With the cube you can draw a chair, a book, the basic shape of a house. They are built with the square in perspective. If you could see through the cube, you see where the lines behind the front square go. I have drawn the guidelines with dotted lines. Hold the cube and try to sketch it on paper. Try and draw as many different views you can. The cube is a building block for creating geometric shapes.
Download the PDF of the paper cube here:

StayfDraws-build a cube