How to draw animal faces

This is tutorial #3 in Drawing for Beginners. I am Stefan de Groot, a Dutch illustrator and animator. In this tutorial we are going to draw faces of an elephant, a cat and a duck. They are all based on a circle. When drawing cartoon characters the circle is a perfect form to start with. When you draw with a circle the faces get more dynamic. The are not flat but seem to come to life more.

This technique is similar to sculpting, only with a pencil.

I draw all these faces in three quart view. In that way the faces become more interesting. The nose pops out and you get a dynamic feel into your drawing. It is all about perspective. Things that are closer to your eye are always a bit bigger. I use the circle as a sort of globe divided by two guidelines. The intersection of these two guidelines is the center of where the nose of the character will be. Watch the video and try to draw the faces with me. This technique is similar to sculpting, only with a pencil. First you draw the basic shapes and then you start carving them away. The picture below shows the same three characters in a different view. Try and see if you can draw them with the technique of the big shapes. First the big shapes and bring in the details later. Have fun!


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