Draw a deer with pastelpencils

How to draw a deer using pastel pencils. In this drawing tutorial Stefan de Groot explains how to work with pastel pencils.

Pastel pencils are great to mix your colors on paper. They are actually pastels but smaller. To draw with pastel pencils it works best if you draw on pastel paper or charcoal paper. This has more of a structure and attaches the pastels to your paper.
I always start out with a rough sketch. Starting with the basic shapes, like a circle for the head of the deer. Then I draw the basic shape of the body. I am using a brown pastel pencil for that. This will be the basic color of the deer. When the sketch is finished I will first start out with the highlights and lighter colors of the deer. When you color in a drawing it is always good practice to decide where the light comes from. The light comes from the back left. That is why I draw higlights on the left side of the deer. Then I color in the basic colors and build it up with different colors. Then I mix everything with my finger or a smudge tool. In this way your colors will be much richer. After that I will add the details, like the fur and the details in the head of the deer. To keep the details intact refrain from smudging too much.
This drawing is used in an animation on my other YouTube channel LikeZOO!. If you want to see the deer in action you can find the video here:

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