Draw a Crocodile

Draw a Crocodile

In this video tutorial of Stayf Draws Dutch animator Stefan de Groot explains how to draw a cartoon crocodile in 5 steps.
A crocodile or alligator has a very long body. This crocodile we are going to draw is standing up and he has a big appetite. He is holding a fork and a knife.
Following the 5 steps of drawing a cartoon character it looks like this. Draw a crocodile.

Step 1: Action Line

With the action line you draw the line of action. In what direction is the character moving or standing?

Step 2: Big shapes
The biggest shape of a character are his body and head. The head we draw like a circle. The body of the crocodile is very long and his tail is part of his body. Draw the tail a little bit upward.

Step 3: The Guidelines
The crocodile needs stand on his feet. To have him really stand on his feet I sketch in some guidelines for the perspective of the ground. These guides will help you to draw the feet on the ground. The front leg is bigger and is closer to you. The back leg is a little bit smaller and further away. I also draw the basic shape of the head like a globe. I draw two guidelines on the head so you can see where the crocodile is looking. The guidelines help you to establish a third dimension to your drawing.

Step 4: Details
Now you have drawn the basic sketch of your character you can add details. The sketch is the foundation you can add your details to. Draw the eyes, pupils, hands, shields on his belly and the pointy things on the back of his. Hands are difficult to draw. Use your other hand as reference by holding something. When you hold something your hand forms a fist. The thumb is in front of the other fingers.

Step 5: Rendering
You can render your drawing in many different ways. You can just ink it it with a Sharpy or a pen and then erase the sketch. Or you can color your sketch with colored pencils or pastel pencils. You can also paint the crocodile with watercolor or acrylic paint. This painting I made in in Manga Studio using the oil brush. I first paint the basic colors. Then I apply the shades. After that I will add the details.

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