Draw a Cartoon Dog

How to Draw a Cartoon Dog? Dutch illustrator and animator Stefan de Groot explains how to draw a dog in 5 easy steps.
In this video tutorial  we are going to draw a wiener dog in 5 steps.

Step 1: Actionline
First you start out with drawing the action line. A Wiener dog has a very horizontal shape. It looks like a wiener or a sausage. Draw the action line in the direction of the character. Horizontal.

Step 2: Basic Shapes
Now you draw the basic shape. Start out with drawing the basic shape of the body. It look like a sausage. So draw a sausage! Then draw a circle for the head of the dog. A Wiener dog or Dachshund has very short legs. Draw them really short! Don’t forget to draw the tail and pointy snout and long ears!

Step 3: Guidelines
Drawing guidelines is always great to use for drawing the direction of the head. What way is the dog looking? With the guidelines you make the circle of the head more dimensional by treating it as a globe. On the guidelines you can place the eyes of the dog.

Step 4: Details
Now you can sketch in the details. Starting out with the eyes. Draw them on the guidelines of the globe. Then draw the eyebrows, snout and paws of the animal.

Step 5: Final Rendering
Now you can ink or refine your drawing by drawing the final lines of your drawing. The sketch you have made is a good indication of where all your inked lines should go!