Cartoon Bear in 5 Steps

How to draw a cartoon bear in 5 steps. Dutch animator Stefan de Groot explains how to draw cartoon characters in 5 easy steps in this video tutorial of Stayf Draws.


When you start drawing a character you start out with the line of action or actionline. We  are going to draw a cartoon bear that is waving at us. On the left you already see the design of the bear in front view. Draw the actionline like in the example.


Now we are going to add the basic shapes of the cartoon bear. Usually cartoon characters are drawn with circles. The head is the the measurement of the bear. The bear is two and a halve circles tall. Draw 2 big circles and a half circle along the actionline.


Now we can draw the guides of the bear. His ears, cheeks and snout are all circles. His nose a little bit more of a flattened circle, or oval. His body has the shape of a pear. Add the legs and arms and you have finished the basic shapes of the bear.


Add the details like the eyes, nose, eyebrows, hairs on the top of his head and cheeks. Add nails to the hands and feet of the cartoon bear.


You can now render the final image of the bear. You have finished the sketch and can now ink it with a sharpie or fineliner. You can also use a black colored pencil, because these are darker than your drawing pencils.

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