Animate 3D in 2D software

Animate 3D in 2D software

In this tutorial of Stayf Draws I show how you can animate a 3D bumblebee in the 2D software app Anime Studio.

For my YouTube channel LikeZoo! I had to animate a flying bumblebee. In the scene the bumblebee had to fly from flower to flower seen from behind. I animated the bumblebee in Anime Studio Pro 10, by just animating shapes. In this way I had more control in which direction the bumblebee would fly. It looks like the bumblebee is animated in 3D or CGI. A bumblebee has a round shape. it is build up from circles and a pattern of black and yellow stripes. On the back or the bum of the bumblebee there is a white circle. I started out with creating one black circle and drew it with the shape tool in Anime Studio. For the outline of the circle I chose a hairy brush to mimic the hairy body of the bee. I then copied the layer several times and created yellow and black circles and on the top layer the white circle of the bum.
The bottom circle is the biggest and the top white circle is the smallest. I first centered all of the circles and used that as a starting point. Then I animated the body of the bee by just placing the circles to the left and to the right. In this way you will create a 3D effect of the body moving from left to right. On the bottom layer i drwe the face of the bumblebee see from behind. I also drew the 6 legs of the bee and placed them on separate layers. I animated the legs as well using the animation of the body as reference.

This is how you can animate 3D in 2D software.

You can download the Anime Studio file here: BUMBLEBEE ANIME STUDIO FILE

You can buy Anime Studio at Smith Micro: Anime Studio Pro 11

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