Apple Pencil Review

Apple Pencil Review

Here is my Apple Pencil review. The Apple Pencil is the first stylus Apple has created. It only works with the new iPad: The iPad Pro.
The Apple Pencil comes in a nice box with two extra parts. An extra drawing nib and a connector to charge your Apple Pencil with. My advise is to keep the box and store your pencil in the box,you otherwise bound to lose your pen or the extra parts. You can also charge your Apple Pencil by putting it in your Apple Pro. You first need to pair your Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro by putting it into your iPad Pro. You will get a pop-up window with the question. “Pair your Apple Pencil?” Click Ok and you are ready to go.

Review Apple Pencil in Procreate
I tested the Apple Pencil in the drawing app Procreate. Procreate has teamed up with Apple and has designed their app to work well with the features on the Apple Pencil. The Apple has pressure sensitivity. When you press harder you will get more ink to your line. It also has a tilt function. When you tilt your Apple Pencil it reacts like a real pencil you will get a thicker line. The app and iPad Pro has Palm rejection, in this way you can rest your hand on the iPad and while you are drawing with the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil feel good and has a nice weight to it. Drawing with the Apple Pencil is great. The pressure sensitivity is very precise and accurate. I think it is the best stylus I have drawn with so far. Even better than working with a Wacom pen. Procreate App for iPad

Review Apple Pencil in Adobe Sketch
I also tested the Apple Pencil in Adobe Sketch. I tried out the pencil and that works great as well. Adobe has done a great job by integrating the features of the Apple Pencil into their app. The pressure sensitivity is unparalleled. When you tilt your pencil you can build up nice gradients by just pressing your Apple Pencil to the surface of the iPad. Adobe Sketch App for iPad

Review Apple Pencil in Sketchbook
I also tested the App Sketchbook by Autodesk but the app is not up to date with the special features of the Apple Pencil.
Sketchbook app for iPad

Apple has created the best stylus I have worked with so far. It is accurate. I has a nice design. The pressure sensitivity is unparalleled and it has a nice grip and weight. It is only a shame that you can not use your iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in OS Apps like Photoshop and illustrator on your Mac. But there is a solution for that: Astropad! It is an app that links your iPad to your Mac and uses it as a second screen. You can operate your Mac with your iPad Pro using Wifi or your lightning connector. The app is still in Beta version but it looks very promising.